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The first launch site to be built for the express purpose of the peaceful exploration of space, Launch Complex 34 required three years from initial concept in September 1958 to her first launch in October 1961.

Primary features included the launch pad, launch pedestal with 8 hold-down arms and a fire ring, flame deflectors weighing 150 tons each, and the umbilical tower. The Apollo spacecraft was located at the 220-ft level.

A mobile service tower was used to erect and check out the vehicle. At 310 feet high and weighing 2900 tons, it was said to be the world's largest mobile structure.

Most incredible of all were the thousands of people who worked together night and day to bring it all together. On 5 June 1961, the new Launch Complex 34 was dedicated.

Although all that remains of her primary features are the launch pad, launch pedestal, blockhouse, a few small walls, and the huge flames deflectors, the spirit of Apollo is alive and vibrant and is located at Launch Complex 34.

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