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The Foundation GoalsThe Foundation Goals

We stood on the shoulders of giants to reach the moon and those giants have names and their names are Virgil I. 'Gus' Grissom, Edward H. White II, and Roger Bruce Chaffee.

Without men such as them, our country would not have made it to the moon within the time frame designated by President John F. Kennedy's challenge in 1961, and the political repercussions could have led to the Soviet Union's dominance of space.  It was strongly felt at the time that the program had to be continued in the crew's memory and our country benefits from that decision in the technological transfer of so much that was learned during the program.

To memorialize these men, we have broken our objectives into five phases with multiple projects within each phase.  Phase 1 included replacement of 200 missing firebricks by the pedestal on Launch Complex 34 and re-stencil of the "Abandon in Place" sign.  An ongoing maintenance program was launched with volunteers cleaning up and weeding the site on a regular basis.  We owe a debt of thanks to the U.S. Air Force for allowing us to enter the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and to work on our dreams.  Their support has been and continues to be invaluable.

Phase 2 incorporates installation of directional signs on the road to Launch Complex 34 and placement of an educational kiosk at the launch pad.  The six display panels of the kiosk are broken down into the primary events that occurred at the site: 

1)  Building of the launch site  
2)  Unmanned launches
3)  Gus Grissom photos
4)  Edward White photos
5)  Roger Chaffee photos
6)  Apollo 7 crew and launch

In Phase 3 has been reserved for ongoing developmental and fund raising efforts. 

Phase 4 begins the educational focus.  Studies show that, "among 20 nations assessed in advanced mathematics and physics, none score significantly lower than the United States in advanced mathematics and only one scored lower in physics" (1) .  Not since the early years of the space program has there been generated the excitement and motivation to master these fields of study, and our country suffers because of it.  The time has come to get our educational goals back on track.

A part of that effort is the website you are now viewing.  Also, a CD curriculum on the space program will be offered to grade schools at no cost.  College scholarships for teens who excel in math and science will be offered annually.

In Phase 5, a monument to the Apollo 1 crew will be built and, with the approval of the Air Force, will be placed at Launch Complex 34.  The final and the largest component of this  memorial process will be the opening of a support center dedicated to helping children who have lost a parent as did the children of the crew of Apollo 1. 

For the crew... 

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