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Welcome. The Apollo 1 Memorial Foundation is successful because of the many men, women, and their children who continue to celebrate the achievements and support the memory of our heroes. The Foundation can not do it alone.

We are very thankful to the contributions that have been made, not only for the financial support, but the hard work that is put forth to continue the success of our Mission. We also receive inspiration and emotional support from many sources and people.

Follow the links to learn about the Apollo 1 crew, the Apollo program, and about us.

If you feel so inclined, please click the button below to donate to the Foundation.
Any amount will help, every dollar, and any donations made to the Foundation are tax-free.

We receive financial and moral support from all over the world!
Below is a picture of a couple Apollo "enthusiasts" from Germany!
We look forward to hearing from more of you, please contact us with the link below.

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A non-profit Foundation dedicated to the memories of Gus, Ed, and Roger
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