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We continue to grow our collection of multimedia content related to the space program.
We have included some of our collection here, and others are available. 

Many of these files are quite large, and unless you have a high speed Internet connection, you may not want to download them.  

Upon request, we can provide these files on CD or DVD.  Please visit our Contact Us page to request more information or files.
Also, if you have any files that you would like to share on our site, please let us know!  or drop us a line and let us know which ones you enjoyed.

To hear/view the files, click on the short description link, or to download files, Right-click on the description link and choose "Save Target As..." to download the file (Users with only one mouse button should hold down the button for this option)

Short Description File Type File Size
Al Shepard's Mercury Launch WAV 288 KB
Gus Grissom on catastrophic failure WAV 1.71 MB
Ed White's EVA WAV 1.62 MB
Apollo 8 Christmas Eve  WAV 1.21 MB
Apollo 10 Launch    WAV 988 KB
Apollo 11 Moon Landing   WAV 1.62 MB

Short Description File Type File Size
Kennedy's Speech to congress MPEG 860 KB
Kennedy's Speech at Rice MPEG 2.04 MB
Mercury 7 and Al Shepard's 1st flight MPEG 4.06 MB
Ed White's Space Walk MPEG 1.51 MB
John Glenn Mercury launch MPEG 3.65 MB
Gemini 11 launch MPEG 3.14 MB
Gemini Recovery A MPEG 2.48 MB
Gemini Recovery B MPEG 1.74 MB
Gemini 6 and 7 meeting in space MPEG 2.02 MB
Fun at 0G MPEG 2.61 MB
Apollo 9 EVA MPEG 2.79 MB
Apollo 9 EVA 2 MPEG 2.04 MB
Apollo 11 - Moon From CM MPEG 1.76 MB
Apollo 11 - Water in 0 G MPEG 1.94 MB
Apollo 11 - Message to Earth MPEG 2.76 MB
Apollo 11 - Message to Ground Crew MPEG 2.66 MB
Apollo 11 - Launch - Part A MPEG 1.84 MB
Apollo 11 - Launch - Part B MPEG 1.40 MB
Apollo 11 - Re-Entry MPEG 1.40 MB

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