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Welcome to the Apollo 1 Memorial Foundation web site.

We are a non-profit Foundation dedicated to the creation of a living memorial to Astronauts Virgil I. 'Gus' Grissom, Edward H. White II, and Roger Bruce Chaffee who lost their lives in a tragic fire at Launch Complex 34 (LC 34) on 27 January 1967. This memorial will serve to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of these men and to increase the awareness of today's population of the efforts and accomplishments of our country's space program. A long-term goal is development of a Support Center to counsel children who have lost a parent.

We will always REMEMBER Gus, Ed, and Roger and we invite you to join us in honoring them through our educational efforts, through preservation efforts, and always through the encouragement of our youngsters who must carry the torch of space exploration into the future. Click on the Apollo 1 Memorial Foundation link to learn more about us, our mission and history.

We invite you to join us in this effort. We need volunteers, fundraisers, grant application writers, anyone with a talent that can help bring us to our goals. And, of course, any financial donations are always appreciated.

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A non-profit Foundation dedicated to the memories of Gus, Ed, and Roger
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